Policy Tools

The following are a collection of all established cannabis equity permit programs in the nation. Below are also model bills, policy memos and other resources.

Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA) State Model Legislation

This model legislation is a collaborative project led by the Minority Cannabis Business Association in cooperation with participants from Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Cannabis Cultural Association, Drug Policy Alliance, Greenlining Institute, Law Enforcement Action Partnership, National Cannabis Festival, Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, Families for Justice as Healing, Denver Relief Consulting, and THC Staffing Group. Legal support was provided by the Law Office of Richard M. Juang, Wyatt Legal Consulting, Rachelle Yeung, Esq., Shaleen Title, Esq., Shabnam Malek, Esq., Thomas Silverstein, Esq., and the law firm of Vicente Sederberg, LLC. The generous support of Kayvan Khalatbari made this project possible. For further information, see the MCBA model bill website at https://minoritycannabis.org/mcba-model-state-legalization-bill/